The AEGIS Physical Intervention & Restraint Programme is delivered in three parts with 2-4 hours pre-course learning.

Foundation Knowledge (Pre-course learning). Provided as pre-attendance reading via AEGIS’s online learning platform. The content includes interpretations, legal & professional implications, reducing risk & good practice following physical interventions. Note: The Foundation Knowledge manual is included here as a flipbook with voice over + MP3 audio file for download as an aide-memoir.

Part One. Officially approved & Certificated by the Highfields Awarding Body, the AEGIS Part One programme provides all the basic knowledge & skills a Security Operative may need & conforms to the SIA’s specification for Door Supervisor Licence-linked training in Physical Intervention Skills. In addition to the SIA requirements, the AEGIS Part One includes a Module on Horizontal Restraint (i.e. on the floor – in line with HSE expectations). Note: The skills manual included here is provided for you to use after the training course as an aide-memoir and is not intended to be a ‘stand alone’ Instruction Manual.

Part Two. Quality assured & certificated by Highfield Awarding Body at level 2 equivalent, the AEGIS Part Two programme builds on the learning in the Part One course & teaches a range of incrementally more robust & restrictive interventions & ensures a higher standard of competence & confidence.

Part Three. Certificated by AEGIS, Part Three of the AEGIS programme teaches how to manage ‘high energy’ conflicts and includes drills and tactics for emergency situations.