Physical Intervention Skills – Part Two

//Physical Intervention Skills – Part Two
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The AEGIS Physical Intervention & Restraint Programme Part Two

Part Two of the AEGIS Programme builds on the learning in the Part One course & teaches a range of incrementally more
robust & restrictive interventions and ensures a higher standard of competence & self-confidence.

The focus of the training in Part Two is on:

– Teaching additional skills & strategies for managing, holding, controlling & calming violent Service Users
– Ensuring delegates are skilled & competent to safely apply Emergency Restraint Belts (ERBs) should it become necessary
– Developing delegates’ self-confidence & ability to implement the training (applying them in a variety of realistic scenarios)

Part Two of the AEGIS Programme is quality assured & certificated by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance at level
2 equivalent. You will also receive an AEGIS certificate that reflects the higher standard of competency achieved.

Contact your course provider for dates & availability of the AEGIS Part Two courses taking place in your area.

Note: To be eligible to attend the AEGIS Part Two, you must have successfully achieved the AEGIS Part One qualification.